58 long-term observers deployed across the country

58 long-term observers deployed across the country

BISHKEK, December 22 - The Common Cause Public Foundation has trained and deployed 58 long-term observers who will monitor the pre-election period, polling day and post-election period across the country. This is a continuation of the pre-election period monitoring carried out by the organization since early elections were announced.

Long-term observers will monitor the formation and activities of election commissions, election campaigns, and voter registration, and record violations that may occur during the election process.

"Observers will collect information in their districts through direct contact with voters, candidates, election commissions and the media, as well as from social networks. If they discover any violations during the monitoring, they will be recorded, checked, and sent to the relevant authorities. We call upon all electoral participants to freely report violations, and upon responsible institutions to process them in a timely manner", - said Aida Suyundueva, Chairman of the Board of the Common Cause.

Observers will submit weekly reports about the pre-election period to the expert department of the Common Cause Public Foundation, which analyzes the information received. Reports on any violations will be submitted and analyzed immediately. Alongside with long-term observers, the Common Cause Head Office is monitoring the work of the Central Election Commission and its working groups.  The results of the observation of the pre-election period will be released to the public beginning January 5, 2021. The purpose of this report is to provide objective, timely and impartial information about the pre-election period to the public.

The election is monitored as part of the "Non-partisan observation of Early Presidential Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic" project on January 10, 2021, implemented by the Public Foundation "Common Cause".

More information on the site: www. commoncause. kg


The Public Foundation Common Cause is a non-profit organization established in 2019 to monitor ––elections at different levels in the Kyrgyz Republic, implement civic education activities and promote citizen participation in governance processes.

The Foundation's mission is to help create opportunities for citizens to influence the quality of their decisions in the country through participation, discourse, and public control.

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