The Common Cause recorded 67 violations of electoral legislation on election day

The Common Cause recorded 67 violations of electoral legislation on election day

BISHKEK, November 17, 2020 – Common Cause is pleased to present the report on the results of short-term observation of the elections of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic including dates of all voting processes such as: opening of polling stations, voting, closing of polling stations, and counting of votes.

The Foundation announced the recruitment of nonpartisan short-term observers to conduct observation and collected 1,176 applications across the country. All applications have been thoroughly checked and screened. The Foundation selected 300 primary and 75 reserve candidates to train and prepare for the election day observation. On the election day, the Foundation deployed 300 short-term observers, 58 long-term observers, 58 mobile teams, and 8 regional lawyers to observe the opening, voting, vote counting, and summing-up procedures throughout the country. 300 nonpartisan short-term observers were sent to 300 PECs across the country, which were selected using a random, stratified, interval sample. This sample is representative due to this method of selection of PECs for observation.  

According to the statistical observation of the Common Cause PF, voter turnout in the 2020 elections was 56% with a 1.7% margin of error. For comparison, the turnout according to the CEC as of October 4 at 22:30 was 56.2%. Compared to the last parliamentary elections in 2015, the voter turnout (37.9%) increased by 18.3%. On October 4, 2020 on the election day, 67 violations of electoral legislation were recorded by the Foundation. As analysis of violations on the election day showed, in most cases violations concerned procedures of opening, holding of meetings and drawing lots, recalculation of ballots received by PECs from TECs, violation of the secrecy of ballot, failure of ARBB and the equipment for identification of voters. By region, the largest number of violations on election day were recorded in the city of Bishkek, as well as in Osh and Chui oblasts.

«The total number of submitted acts on violations at PECs by public observers and lawyers was 50, complaints to TECs - 10, applications to the internal affairs bodies - 2 and completed incident forms – 6», - said Aida Suyundueva, head of Common Cause PF.

The purpose of the election observation was to provide citizens and stakeholders at the elections with a professional, nonpartisan and timely assessment of the compliance with international standards and national legislation, including the information on potential violations, voter turnout and election results.

This report was made possible by the assistance of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The Common Cause Public Foundation is responsible for the content of the publication, which does not necessarily reflect the position of USAID or the US Government.

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