Short-term observation results on the voting process as of 20.00 of October 4

Short-term observation results on the voting process as of 20.00 of October 4

Bishkek, October 4, 2020 – 23:30 – Public Foundation “Common Cause” deployed 300 stationary observers, 58 mobile teams and eight regional lawyers across the country, to observe the opening procedures, voting, counting and tabulation of results. The Foundation is implementing a Sample Based Observation (SBO) methodology, an advanced election monitoring technique enabling it to draw conclusions about selected election day processes representative of the entire country. Throughout election day, mobile teams visited 252 polling stations to observe the atmosphere around them.

Observers report that the voting process ended peacefully with minor procedural violations and a number of serious violations observed.

At 29,1 percent of polling stations, there were no cases of voters not finding their name on the voters’ list. At 61,2 percent, the number of voters whose names were not on the voters’ list was 10 or less. However, at 9,7 percent of polling stations this number was higher.

No problems related to technical equipment were observed at 92,0 percent of polling stations. However, due to such failures, there were 7 percent of polling stations where a small number of voters (five or less) were not able to vote.

Voters were generally properly identified. There were no polling stations where observers reported that 10 or more voters had voted without proper identification.

In almost all (99,7 percent) polling stations there were no cases where someone was allowed to vote without being on the voters list. Due to technical failures at 7,4 percent of polling stations, smart ballot boxes were replaced with stationary voting boxes.

Unauthorised persons were present at 4 percent of polling stations.

Mobile teams covered 252 polling stations. They assessed the situation outside 209 polling stations as quiet and tense - outside 27 polling stations. Mobile teams report the following incidents during 14:00 - 20:00:

  • Smart ballot box broken – 2 polling stations
  • Pressure on voters – 2
  • Pressure on political party representatives – 1
  • Pressure on Mass Media representative – 1
  • Pressure on members of the precinct election commission – 1
  • The use of the administrative resource – 3
  • Conflict between political party representatives and PEC members – 1
  • Campaigning on Election Day – 18
  • Long line of voters outside of polling stations – 9
  • Bussing of voters – 7
  • Vote buying – 2

PEC Written Submissions/Complaints – until 20:00

From the opening of polling stations to closing, “Common Cause” observers filed 38 written submissions on incidents to the PECs; 6 complaints - to the TECs; and 2 - to the police. They relate to:

Voting for another person:

  • 5304 Osh, Karasuu rayon, PEC members voted for the voter.

Ballot stuffing:

  • 1003 Bishkek, PEC Chair casted the vote for the voter, who left his ballot on the table

Campaigning on Election Day

  • 5264 Osh, Karasuu rayon

Secrecy of voting violated:

  • 2336 Djalal-Abad; 5556 Osh voter took a photo of his ballot;
  • 1003 Bishkek voter took a photo of his ballot and then cast his vote.
  • 8160 Kyzyl-Kiya the secrecy of voting was violated in one instance;
  • 7187 Chui photographing of the ballot.
  • 5556 a voter took a photo of the ballot, and a ballot was torn later.

Minor Procedural Incidents Observed – until 20:00

Ballot box problems: 8049 Batken, Batken rayon; 8065 Batken, Batken rayon; 2132 Jalal – Abad; 1208 Bishkek/Bishkek; 4088 Naryn oblast, Ak-Tala rayon; 1126 Bishkek.

Malfunctioning of voter identification equipment: 1150 Bishkek, Octyabrsky district.

 Other: 7138 Chui, Isyk Ata, the voting results protocol was filled in with pencil

“Common Cause” will continue to monitor election day processes at Central and all Territorial Election Commissions and submit complaints of serious violations of the electoral legislation.

We call upon all political parties and candidates to refrain from any judgements related to the results of the voting until counting is finished and all preliminary results are announced by the Central Election Commission. 

“Common Cause” will release its preliminary election day statement at 13:30 on October 5.   

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