A record number of voters intend to participate in the election according to the “Common Cause” survey

A record number of voters intend to participate in the election according to the “Common Cause” survey

BISHKEK, September 17, 2020 - Over 75% of voters intend to participate in the upcoming parliamentary election scheduled for October 4 whilst 60% will go to polls regardless of the situation with the pandemic.

These are the main findings of the telephone survey conducted from August 21 - September 4, 2020 by the Public Foundation “Common Cause”. 1,202 respondents aged over 18 were interviewed through mobile phone numbers of main cellular operators.

The survey was carried out with a goal to understand what citizens think about the upcoming elections, are they willing to participate, how informed they are, which political parties they are likely to vote for, and what they think about the most commonly discussed problems during elections.

"The results of the telephone survey allow us to identify specific problems of voters and fine-tune voter education activities. According to the survey findings, 55% of citizens are not aware of the voter list verification process, and 51% said they were not informed about election day procedures. This means that voter education activities by all stakeholders should be increased. On the other hand, over 65% of respondents have identified the probability for vote buying as high or very high which should be treated with due diligence by responsible institutions. We call upon political parties to refrain from illegal activities, and upon citizens to report any such attempts.  We should all work jointly to secure democratic elections in Kyrgyzstan " said Aida Suyundueva, head of Common Cause.

The full report can be found on the web site.

The election-monitoring is part of the "Nonpartisan Domestic Observation of the 2020 Parliamentary Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic” project supported by the support from USAID.

Alongside election-monitoring, the project encompasses a wide range of activities including voter education and education of journalists.

The mission of the Common Cause Public Foundation is to facilitate the creation of opportunities for citizens to influence the quality of decisions made in the country through public involvement, discourse, and oversight.

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