November 27. Voting outside the premises takes place in Kyrgyzstan

November 27. Voting outside the premises  takes place in Kyrgyzstan

Tomorrow, November 28, elections of the Jogorku Kenesh deputies will take place In Kyrgyzstan. Today, people who, due to their physical condition, can’t come to the polling station on election day, have the opportunity to vote outside the premises. This includes voters who are on election day in hospitals, in Places of detention of suspects and persons accused; voters temporarily residing in places located in remote and hard-to-reach areas, in remote mountain pastures for cattle breeding.

The PF “Common Cause” team consists of 600 short-term and 72 long-term observers, 8 regional coordinators, 46 STO coordinators, 20 call center operators and 46 mobile teams. The Foundation will monitor 300 polling stations selected at random, monitor the procedures for opening and closing polling stations, voting progress, the process of counting votes and summing up the results. Mobile voting is being held today at 179 out of 300 polling stations.

In total, according to the Central Election Commission, in the Jogorku Kenesh elections, more than 13.3 thousand applications were submitted to provide voters with the opportunity to vote outside the premises in a single district constituency and more than 12.7 thousand in single-member constituencies.

The Foundation uses statistically based observation, an advanced election monitoring methodology that allows conclusions to be drawn about a proportional electoral system on election day that are representative of the entire country.

November 28, Tomorrow the foundation will continue monitoring.

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