Elections 2021. Long-term observation of Common Cause Public Foundation has started

Elections 2021. Long-term observation of Common Cause Public Foundation has started

Long-term observation of Common Cause Public Foundation over the elections of deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh, scheduled for November 28, 2021, began on October 25.

In total, 72 long-term observers were selected who, after training, will work in all 36 districts (two people per team).

Today, the fund's experts are conducting two-day trainings for LTO from Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken regions, a similar training will take place in a few days in Bishkek for LTOs of the northern regions of the republic.

The trainers talk about the specific points of the upcoming elections due to the introduction of the new electoral system: about the mixed system, the procedure for nominating candidates, the system of forming single-mandate constituencies according to the majoritarian system, as well as about electoral disputes, the process of their consideration, the rules of election campaigning and the voting process itself (how many ballots there will be, what is the order of expression of the will of citizens and the procedure for counting votes).

Trained short-term observers will join the work closer to voting day.

Our government needs free, transparent and fair elections. Observing the process of preparation and organization of elections, the mobile voting, voting day and the establishment of the election results, we will be able to assess the real distribution of votes and the level of violations of electoral legislation, as well as compare our data with official information.

In addition, the presence of a public observer at the polling station reduces the degree of violations of the electoral process and helps to prevent many violations.

Based on the results of independent monitoring, the foundation will prepare a preliminary report on the results of LTO, a preliminary statement and a final report. All documents will be available on our website.

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