Bribery of votes is evil!

Bribery of votes is evil!

In the run-up of the elections of deputies of the Zhogorku Kenesh, scheduled for November 28, 2021, Bakytbek Samakov, an election law expert of the Common Cause Public Foundation, explains what constitutes vote-buying and what responsibility is attached to it:

Despite the state's efforts to improve electoral legislation aimed at banning vote-buying during elections and establishing liability, as well as the efforts of the Central Election Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic and law enforcement agencies to prevent and suppress this violation, vote-buying remains one of the most acute problems in the conduct of elections at various levels in the country.

According to the electoral legislation, it is prohibited to bribe electors from the moment of appointing elections:

  • to pay money;
  • The following is prohibited: the giving of gifts and other valuables
  • The sale of goods on preferential terms;
  • Distribute any goods free of charge;
  • Provide services free of charge or on preferential terms.

Exceptions are printed campaign materials, badges, T-shirts, headwear, scarves containing the symbols of the political party that nominated the list of candidates, the image of the candidate in accordance with the list approved by the Central Election Commission.

Candidates, their close relatives, spouses, representatives of candidates and political parties are not allowed to engage in charitable activities from the moment of appointment of elections and until the publication of election results.

The Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic establishes criminal liability for vote-buying, up to and including imprisonment.

In addition, the Contravention Code of the Kyrgyz Republic also establishes liability for the receipt of money and material values by a voter.

However, if the voter voluntarily reports the receipt of money and material values, he is exempted from liability.

There is a misconception that vote-buying is closely linked to the social well-being of voters. However, the results of the surveys show that the receipt of money by voters is in most cases related to a desire to enrich themselves temporarily.

Don't sell your vote, it is important for the future of our country!

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