Open election data. Voters map by District

Open election data. Voters map by District

The Common Cause Public Foundation continues to analyze and visualize open data in the field of electoral system. One of the main ideas of open data is the creation of new applications, products, and visualization by combining data from various sources. Open Data helps ensure openness, transparency and is an indicator of the activities of government agencies and other organizations in the field of information technology. By combining the data on the preliminary list provided by the Ministry of Digital Development and the schemes and boundaries of electoral districts defined by the Central Election Commission for voting according to the majoritarian electoral system, the Common Cause Foundation produced an interactive map of voters for the elections of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh, scheduled for November 28, 2021. The same data helped to analyze the dynamics of voters' growth in comparison with the April 2021 referendum.

• The darker the colors, the higher the density of voters Most of the voters are concentrated in Bishkek - 428,599 people. Their proportion is 12 percent of the whole republic, so the capital is represented below on a separate Map №2. The leading constituencies in the republic are Toloikonskiy constituency №8 in Osh oblast (118,551 voters) and Ak-Suiskiy constituency №35 (118,513 voters). The least number of voters is registered in the north-west and west of the country due to low population density. In Talas constituency №21, there are 80,433 voters registered in the preliminary list; in Ala-Buka constituency №18 - 80,453.

Bishkek is divided into four districts: №26, 27, 28 and 29. It is worth mentioning that Lenin constituency №26 has the largest number of voters - 110,870 people or 3 percent of the whole country. A total of 3,686,921 people are registered in the preliminary list of voters for the parliamentary elections. Compared with the referendum (popular vote) on the draft law of the KR "On the Constitution of KR" held on April 11, 2021, the number increased by 80,720 voters. The increase in the number of voters is impacted by the persons who have reached 18 years old, as well as those who have obtained the citizenship of Kyrgyz Republic and citizens who have passed biometric registration.

The largest increase in the number of voters was observed in Osh city and Osh oblast, as well as in Jalal-Abad and Chui oblasts. In addition, a significant increase in the number of voters since the spring of 2021 is noted in the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. For reference: There are currently 1,687 voters in the "No TEC" category. These are the voters whom the Ministry of Digital Development (MDD) of the Kyrgyz Republic did not assign to PECs, due to various reasons, such as, for example, incorrect address of the voter. We remind that the voter list verification is being conducted from September 19 to November 12, 2021. Voters who remain without TECs will be assigned to the corresponding PECs only after the verification. The CEC asks voters to clarify themselves on the voter list in a timely manner. We will continue to monitor the updates of open data on the electoral system and inform the citizens.

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