We are pleased to announce an open competition for the positions of long-term observers of the elections of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh in 2021

We are pleased to announce an open competition for the positions of long-term observers of the elections of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh in 2021

Competition! We are pleased to announce an open competition for the positions of long-term observers of the elections of deputies to the Jogorku Kenesh in 2021.

Long-term observers (LTOs) are independent observers across the country who observe electoral processes before elections, on election day, and after elections. They monitor the activities of election commissions for the preparation and organization of elections in the country, registration of candidates, campaigning for candidates and informing voters, summing up the results of the voting in territorial election commissions, and consideration of complaints. They also participate in training and coordinating the work of STOs.


The following cannot participate in the competition:

  • Deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh, local kenesh, a
  • Candidate for deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh, local kenesh,
  • Persons holding political, special government positions and political municipal offices,
  • A civil and municipal employee,
  • A member of the election commission;
  • Representatives of a candidate, a political party that has nominated a list of candidates,
  • In election commissions; judges, prosecutors,
  • Employees of other law enforcement and fiscal bodies,
  • Military personnel.

The main tasks of long-term observers:

  • Obligatory participation in training and testing
  • Implementation of long-term observation of various stages of the electoral process in the regions during the pre-election period, on election day and post-election period according to the distribution plan and work schedule of long-term observers;
  • Providing regular reports, thematic reports, and feedback;
  • Must be able to maintain effective and impartial relationships over a long period of time with municipal and regional officials, with representatives of electoral bodies, political parties, candidates, media, and NGOs.
  • Track regional news;
  • Interact with Territorial Election Commissions (TEC), special representatives of the Central Election Commission (CEC), government agencies, local self-government bodies, and local communities to respond to issues identified during the observation of the preparation and conduct of elections;
  • Organization of work on recruiting, training, testing, and distribution of short-term observers to the sites;
  • Logistics and coordination of the work of short-term observers;
  • Provide assistance to regional coordinators and administrative and financial staff of the project to make the necessary payments for various project activities at the regional level and provide the necessary documents for reporting;
  • Interaction with other public and international observers;
  • Participation in the evaluation of the project after its completion;
  • Other tasks defined by the project;


  • Non-partisan
  • Public Foundation "Common Cause" is open for consideration and encourages the filing of applications from young activists;
  • Experience in the civil sector is an asset;
  • Previous experience in independent election observation is an asset;
  • Previous experience as international observer is an asset;
  • Organizational, communication, and analytical skills;
  • Ability to summarize;
  • Excellent computer skills in Word, Excel, Google Forms, good reporting and presentation skills;
  • Flexibility;
  • Stress tolerance;
  • Willingness to learn;
  • Willingness to work in a team
  • Fluency in Kyrgyz and Russian;
  • Availability of a smartphone for work, the ability to capture photos and videos;

Applicants need to fill out an application at the link https://forms.gle/HqR1oSaHYtJ95S2v7  until August 25, 2020


All participants need to record a short video about who you are and why you want to observe the elections.

Only the most suitable candidates will be invited for interviews.

About the Foundation

The Common Cause Public Foundation is implementing a project to conduct independent observation of the elections of deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The project provides for activities in the following areas: independent observation of elections (long-term and short-term observation, civic education of voters, as well as research). To implement the project's activities in the long-term direction, the Fund announces a vacancy for long-term observers who will monitor in all regions of Kyrgyzstan.

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