Election day has ended peacefully with considerable procedural issues and a number of serious violations.

Election day has ended peacefully with considerable procedural issues and a number of serious violations.

Bishkek, January 11, 2021 - 00:30 

Voting at the early presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic has ended peacefully with considerable procedural issues and a number of serious violations.

The voting process was observed by 500 observers across the country. The Public Foundation Common Cause uses Statistically Based Observation (SBO), an advanced election observation methodology that enables conclusions representative of the entire country to be drawn about specific electoral processes on Election Day. In addition, 58 mobile teams observed the situation outside of 535 polling stations until 20:00.

Long voting queues were observed throughout the election day at 26.9% of polling stations, while periodic queues were observed at 44.9% of polling stations, ostensibly due to social distancing related to Covid-19.

Common Cause observers report that the preliminary turnout figure in the early presidential election was 38,9% at 20.00 pm. Compared to the 2017 official presidential election results, this is a decrease of 17,03%.These estimated turnout figures are statistically representative of the entire country and reflect a margin of error of +-0,98%. Common Cause is aware of the national turnout figures issued by the CEC. Any differences in turnout figures between the CEC and Common Cause are most likely due to procedural variations in when each PEC reports turnout data to the CEC. Common Cause’s preliminary turnout data is based on the official turnout data released by the polling station commissions.Common Cause makes the assumption that the data at the polling station level is accurate.

There were significant technical problems related to the identification of voters and the automated control system (ASU) on election day. Technical issues related to the ASU were observed at 29.1% of polling stations and 10% of issues were related to the identification equipment respectively. Due to their failures at 4% of polling stations, they were replaced by a stationary ballot box.

There were problems related to the voter lists on election day at a concerning number of polling stations. At 12.2% of polling stations, 6-10 voters were not able to find their names on the voters’ lists even though they had proper identification documents, and at 15.6% of polling stations, this number was greater than 10 voters.

A vast majority (74.7%) of  polling stations followed the recommendations related to COVID-19 procedures during voting. However, 23.2% followed them only partially, while 2% percent did not follow them at all. The COVID-19 procedures were largely followed by voters at 69.7%, partially followed  at 29.1%, and they were not followed by voters at 1.2% of polling stations.

The vast majority of polling stations closed on time: 2.2% of polling stations closed before 8 pm, 97.6% at 8 pm, and 0% after 8 pm.

As of 21:30, 55 serious violations have been observed (cumulative total data):

Opening PECs after 07:00 - 3:

  • PEC 4047 Naryn oblast, Naryn city;
  • PEC 7334 Chui oblast, Jaiyl region;
  • PEC 4065 Naryn oblast, Naryn city;

No recount of ballots - 11:

  • PEC 3015 Issyk-Kul oblast, Balykchy city;
  • PEC 1104 Bishkek city Octyabr district;
  • PEC 1114 Bishkek city Octyabr district;
  • PEC 5439 Osh oblast, Alai region;
  • PEC 5119 Osh oblast,Alai region;
  • PEC 2447 Djalal-Abad oblast, Bazar-Korgon region;
  • PEC 4149 Naryn oblast, Kochkor region.
  • PEC 8198 Batken oblast, c.Batken
  • PEC 1143, c. Bishkek, Oktyabr region;
  • PEC 5480, Osh oblast, Alai region;
  • PEC 7279, Chui oblast, Moscow region.

No PEC meeting - 10:

  • PEC 8019 Batken oblast, Leilek region;
  • PEC 4016 Naryn oblast, At-Bashy region.
  • PEC 5119 Osh oblast, Alai region.
  • PEC 5467 Osh oblast, Kara-Kuldja region;
  • PEC 4149 Naryn oblast, Kochkor region;
  • PEC 7401, Chui oblast, Alamudun region;
  • PEC 7171, Chui oblast, Alamudun region.
  • PEC 8169 Batken region, Kyzyl-Kiya region.
  • PEC 5129 Osh oblast, Alai region
  • PEC 2447 Djalal-Abad oblast, Bazar-Korgon region

Illegal restriction of the rights of observers (resolved) - 4:

  • PEC 4116 Naryn oblast, Jumgal region;
  • PEC 6051 Talas oblast, Bakai-Ata region.
  • PEC  5144 Osh oblast, Alai region
  • PEC 5252 Osh oblast, Kara-suu region

PEC did not open for voting at all - 1:

  • PEC 4026 Naryn oblast, At-Bashy region;

Presence of unauthorized persons within the PEC- 2:

  •  PEC 8019, Batken oblast, Leilek region.
  •  PEC 8009, Batken oblast, Leilek region.

Violation of the secrecy of voting - 5:

  • PEC 3140 Issyk-Kul oblast, Karakol city.
  • PEC 3222 Issyk-Kul oblast, Ton region;
  • PEC 5184, Osh oblast, Kara-Suu region;
  • PEC 5445 Osh oblast, Kara-Suu region.
  • PEC 3222 Issyk-Kul oblast, Ton region

Intimidation/threats/pressure/violence directed at observer - 3:

  • PEC 5467 Osh oblast, Kara-Kuldja region.
  • PEC 5905 Osh city;
  • PEC 5144 Osh oblast, Alai region.

Vote buying - 4:

  • PEC 2057 Djalal-Abad oblast, Suzak region.
  • PEC 5236 Osh oblast, Kara-Suu region;
  • PEC 5279 Osh oblast, Osh city;
  • PEC 6113, Talas oblast, Talas city.

Automated control system failure - 4:

  • PEC 3252, Issyk-Kul, Issyk-Kul region;
  • PEC 7359, Chui oblast, Jaiyl region;
  • PEC 1019, Bishkek city, Lenin district.
  • PEC 7304, Chui oblast, Moskva city

Intimidation/threats/pressure/violence directed at voter - 1:

  • PEC 5139, Osh oblast, Alai region.

No copying equipment - 1:

  • PEC 3152 Issyk-Kul, Karakol city.

Voting in place of another voter - 1:

  • PEC 5233 Osh oblast, Kara-Suu region.

Ballot boxes not shown to be empty - 1:

  • PEC 5421 Osh oblast Alai region

Electricity blackout - 1:

  • PEC 8168 Batken oblast, Kyzyk-Kiya region

Campaigning on voting day - 1:

  • PEC 5218 Osh oblast, Kara-Suu region

Refusal to provide a copy of the manual counting protocol - 1:

  • PEC 7284 Chui oblast, Moskva region

Portable voting boxes are not properly sealed - 1:

  • PEC 8065 Batken oblast, Batken city

Throughout Election Day, the 'Common Cause' submitted six appeals to CGRP and eleven appeals to TEC. Of  these appeals, two disciplinary measures were taken against the PEC chairpersons. On all other facts, 45 acts and appeals have been submitted to the PEC chairpersons.

The Call center in Bishkek with 20 operators is receiving and analyzing information from observers, while 13 lawyers are engaged to analyze information about the reported violations, and file complaints.

Common Cause continues to observe the closing procedures at precinct election commissions (PEC), and tabulation procedures at 58 Territorial Election Commissions (TEC) throughout the election night until all procedures are fully completed.

On January 11, Common Cause will make a preliminary statement on Election Day and hold a press conference for media representatives at the Park Hotel at 13:00. Accreditation is compulsory.

The press conference will be broadcast live at: https://bit.ly/3io9emG


Aida Suyundueva - Chairperson of the Public Foundation "Common Cause»

Taalay Asylbekov – Adviser for the elections of the PF "Common Cause"

Arslanbek Omurzakov - The expert on long-term observation of the  PF "Common Cause"

Raushan Sadyrbaeva – Project coordinator of the PF "Common Cause»

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