Observers of the PF "Common Cause" record a significant number of violations on Election Day as of 13.00pm.

Observers of the PF "Common Cause" record a significant number of violations on Election Day as of 13.00pm.

Kyrgyzstan, January 10, 2021 - 16:00.

The Common Cause Public Foundation is observing the voting process at 500 polling stations across the country.

In addition, 58 mobile teams have observed the situation outside of 250 polling stations.

In 242 of those 250 polling stations, mobile observers assessed the situation as calm, and at one polling station as tense, and at seven polling stations they found it difficult to answer. At 29 polling stations, there were queues of voters in connection with the observance of sanitary measures. At three stations, the presence of unknown persons of strong physique was noticed. Mobile teams also recorded violations related to vote buying, campaigning on the election day, and the Illegal restriction of the rights of observers. These are included in the list of violations below.

The voting process within polling stations is generally calm and the majority of PECs are functioning according to the law. However, during the voting process from 8:00-13:00, 30 serious violations have been observed:    

Opening PECs after 07.00 am - 4

  • PEC 4047 Naryn oblast, Naryn city;
  • PEC 7334 Chui oblast, Jaiyl region;
  • PEC 4065 Naryn oblast, Naryn city;
  • Additional PEC 4026 Naryn oblast, At-Bashy region

No recount of ballots – 7:

  • PEC 3015 Issyk-Kul oblast, Balykchy city;
  • PEC 1104 Bishkek city Octyabr district;
  • PEC 1114 Bishkek city Octyabr district;
  • Additional PEC 5439 Osh oblast, Alai region;
  • PEC 5119 Osh oblast,Alai region;
  • PEC 2447 Djalal-Abad oblast, Bazar-Korgon region;
  • PEC 4149 Naryn oblast, Kochkor region.

No PEC meeting – 7:

  • PEC 8019 Batken oblast, Leilek region;
  • PEC 4016 Naryn oblast, At-Bashy region.
  • Additional PEC 5119 Osh oblast, Alai region.
  • PEC 5467 Osh oblast, Kara-Kuldja region;
  • PEC 4149 Naryn oblast, Kochkor region;
  • PEC 7401, Chui oblast, Alamudun region;
  • PEC 7171, Chui oblast, Alamudun region

Illegal restriction of the rights of observers (resolved) - 2:

  • PEC 4116 Naryn oblast, Jumgal region;
  • PEC 6051 Talas oblast, Bakai-Ata region.

PEC did not open for voting -1:

  • PEC 4026 Naryn oblast, At-Bashy region;

Presence of an unauthorized person within  the PEC 1:

  • PEC 8019 Batken region, Leilek district

Violation of the secrecy of voting - 1:

  • PEC 3140 Issyk-Kul oblast, Karakol city

Intimidation/threats/pressure/violence directed at observer- 1:

  • PEC 5467 Osh oblast, Kara-Kuldja region

Vote buying - 1:

  • PEC 2057 Djalal-Abad oblast, Suzak region.

Automated control system  failure - 3:

  • PEC 3252, Issyk-Kul, Issyk-Kul region;
  • PEC 7359, Chui oblast, Jaiyl region;
  • PEC 1019, Bishkek city, Lenin district.

Intimidation directed at voter - 1:

  • PEC 5139, Osh oblast, Alai region.

No copying equipment - 1:

  • PEC 3152 Issyk-Kul, Karakol city.

Common Cause has submitted one appeal to CGRP, seven appeals to TECs, and several appeals to the PECs chairperson have been submitted on all other facts.

Common Cause invites all electoral participants to report all violations to the Rapid Response Coordination Group.

65% of the polling stations had voters who registered for mobile voting on January 9, 2021.

Reports on violations can be reported by eyewitnesses to the national Coordination Group for Rapid Response (CGRP) with any supporting evidence on which they are based for further investigation to:

  • Hotline: 1255 (toll free)
  • Public reception in Bishkek - 0 (312) 66 02 40, 0 (312) 620141
  • Fax: 0312 62 08 23
  • Public reception in Osh city - 0 (3222) 55550
  • Mobile: 0552 604179, 0772 604179
  • WhatsApp: 0550 119 852

The PF  "Common Cause" will submit appeals and complaints related to the above violations. The next press release covering the voting process will be released at 00.00.  Individual updates and infographics will be posted on our social media pages and online via the YouTube channel.

From 20:00, 58 observers of the  „Common Cause“ PF  will start with the observation of Territorial Election Commissions.

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