Observers of the Public Foundation "Common Cause" report on the findings of observation during the opening of polling stations

Observers of the Public Foundation "Common Cause" report on the findings of observation during the opening of polling stations

Kyrgyzstan, January 10, 2021 - 11:30 

The Public Foundation (PF) 'Common Cause’ deployed 500 observers across the country to monitor the preparations for opening, voting, counting, and closing procedures at selected polling stations. The Foundation uses Statistically Based Observation (SBO), an advanced election monitoring methodology that enables conclusions that are representative of the entire country to be drawn about specific electoral processes on Election Day. An additional 58 mobile teams are deployed to observe the situation around polling stations. The Call Center in Bishkek with 20 operators is receiving and analyzing information from observers, while 16 lawyers are engaged to analyze information about the reported violations and file complaints. 8 regional coordinators and 20 additional staff of the Head office are coordinating the operations.

Observers reported a peaceful start to Election day, with isolated violations during the opening of polling stations. All observers of the PF "Common Cause" were allowed to enter the voting premises for observation, with the exception of polling stations that did not open.

The opening procedure in most cases was carried out in accordance with the law.

A Majority of PECs started preparatory meetings before the opening of polling stations: before 07:00am-11%, before 07:30am-56%, after 07:30am-33%, there was no meeting in 1% of polling stations.

83.2% of PECs fully followed the recommendations on COVID-19 during the opening procedures, while 16% of polling stations partially followed the procedures.

In 88.8% of the polling stations, the lottery was carried out in accordance with the law.

A manual recount of ballots took place at 97% of polling stations. Empty smart ballot boxes were shown to observers at 99% of polling stations

Polling stations were largely accessible to voters with disabilities: 80% were accessible, whilst 20% were not accessible at all. A majority of polling stations were open on time before 08:00am - 20%, at 08:00am - 78%,  2% opened after  8:30.

At 63% of polling stations, the Chairs are women. 

As of 09.00 am, observers reported 12 serious violations during the opening procedures as follows:

Opening polling stations after 07.00 hours: 3

  • PEC 4047 Naryn region, Naryn district
  • PEC 7334 Chui region, Jayil district
  • PEC 4065 Naryn region, c. Naryn

There was No recount of ballots: 3

  • PEC  3015 Issyk-Kul region, Balykchy c.
  • PEC 1104 Bishkek c, Oktyabr district
  • PEC 1114   Bishkek c, Oktyabr district

There was No PEC meetings: 2

  • PEC 8019 Batken region, Leilek district
  • PEC 4016 Naryn region, At-Bashy district

Illegal restriction of the rights of observers (resolved): 2

  • PEC 4116 Naryn region, Jumgal district
  • PEC 6051 Talas region, Bakai-Ata district

PEC did not open for voting: 1

  • PEC 4026 Naryn region, At-Bashy district

Presence of an unauthorized person within the PEC: 1

  • PEC 8019 Batken region, Leilek district

The PF “Common Cause" will submit appeals and complaints related to the above violations. The next press release covering the voting process will be released at 16:00.

Individual updates and infographics will be posted on our social media pages and online via the YouTube channel.

Election monitoring is carried out within the framework of the project "Non-partisan Observation of Early Presidential Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic on January 10, 2021" implemented by the Common Cause Public Foundation.

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